Snapchat Marketing For Brands

Emerging Trend: Snapchat for Brands

Photo Credit: AdamPrzezdziek/flickr You may know Snapchat as an app that’s popular among a younger demographic, but it’s proving to be an effective marketing tool. Snapchat for brands is an emerging trend, as the app improves its marketing capabilities. If … Continue reading

Liqui-Site November Campaign Roundup

Campaigns We’re Thankful For: November 2015

November brought a new round of social media campaigns to be grateful for. Between the approaching holidays and recent events worldwide, last month presented opportunities for brands to make their mark on our social media feeds. Check out our roundup … Continue reading

Video Streaming For Brands

Video Streaming For Brands

You may have seen companies like Spotify and Starbucks using platforms like Periscope or Meerkat and wondered if your brand should do the same. The answer is yes! The video streaming trend is here to stay. Mobile live streaming provides … Continue reading