Video Streaming For Brands

Video Streaming For Brands

Video Streaming For Brands

You may have seen companies like Spotify and Starbucks using platforms like Periscope or Meerkat and wondered if your brand should do the same. The answer is yes! The video streaming trend is here to stay.

Mobile live streaming provides businesses and nonprofit organizations with a new way of engaging with their audience that is unique from other social media platforms.

Connect with your supporters in real-time, giving any user of the app you choose the ability to watch, like, comment and participate in your stream. You’re able to see and respond to these comments as they come in, making the engagement feel more authentic.

Periscope vs. Meerkat

Though both apps are fundamentally the same when it comes to how and why you would use them, there are some differences that may sway your decision on which one to try.

  • Periscope allows your video to be viewed for 24 hours after the stream, while Meerkat streams are only accessible when live.
  • Meerkat also requires you to tweet the link to your stream, while Periscope does not.
  • Periscope has the option to run a private stream, meanwhile Meerkat currently does not.
  • Periscope is owned by Twitter, which gives you access to more options and tools, including statistics.

At Liqui-Site, we recently decided on Periscope, but we suggest making your choice based on what is best for your brand.

Ways To Use Live Streaming

Behind-The-Scenes: Give a tour of your offices or invite followers into a team meeting. Just like your Instagram marketing strategy, video streaming gives your brand a new way to show your customers things nobody else gets to see. Consumers love to feel like they are getting something exclusive!

Product Demonstrations: Give your customers a live demonstration of how to use your product. Make sure you find a way to distinguish it from the usual YouTube video by answering questions in real-time or having someone notable perform the demonstration.

Showcase Events: Give users that aren’t able to attend the ability to experience your event as it is happening. It will show your audience that you care and want them to be apart of it. You may even want to give live stream viewers access to some backstage action that event-goers wouldn’t get to see.

Host A Webinar: Many webinar services require payment, but these live streaming apps are free to use. The benefits are the same, while giving you the ability to get more creative and have more control.

Live Q & A’s: Put a twist on the usual Twitter chat by answering your follower’s questions on a live stream. Have viewers ask questions in the comments or on Twitter using a specific hashtag. This will give you the ability to show off your brand’s personality and individuality.

Live streaming is slowly becoming the next big thing. The usage is low because it’s fairly new, but it’s growing fast! We suggest signing up for one of these services as soon as possible IF you have someone either on-staff or at your digital agency dedicated to managing it.

Joining new social media platforms early on shows that your brand is up-to-date and an early adopter, which is especially important when wanting to connect with millennials.