Call-To-Action Mistakes

Call-To-Action Mistakes To Avoid

Call-To-Action Mistakes

When creating copy for your brand’s digital marketing strategy a clear and consistent Call-To-Action (CTA) is super important. Whether you’re trying to get your followers to purchase, read a blog post, sign up or enter a contest, a strong CTA is crucial to conversion.

What exactly is a call-to-action? It’s the phrase or link between your content and a landing page where you want your audience to take action. To make sure your CTA is as effective as possible, here are some pitfalls to avoid:

Too Many Options

Don’t overwhelm your audience by providing them with too many CTA’s. Keep it simple by sticking to one or two actions that you want your visitors to take. Your call-to-action should smoothly guide customers from phase to phase. Multiple options will only distract your visitors and hurt your conversion rate.

Focus On Products

A common mistake marketers make when creating a call-to-action is putting too much focus on their product or service. Instead, focus on the benefits a customer will receive for taking the action. Your CTA should be about driving your followers to engage… Remember that they’re humans, not numbers.

The Wrong Copy

The right verbiage is extremely important when it comes to CTA’s – you need to understand what type of content works for your audience and in what context. Instead of “click here” or “submit”, try something more enticing such as “Check out our new arrivals!” or “Learn how you can help!”

Whether it’s a fundraising email or a social media campaign, having an effective CTA can make or break your conversion success.