Email Signatures

Standardize & boost the impact of your signatures.

With Liqui-Site’s eSignit platform, this is a realistic aspiration in most cases. Roll out dynamie, controlled, and targeted communication campaigns from within your email! Inside your organization you can boost motivation and engagement; emails reaching recipients outside your organization will receive customized targeted communications.

Our control panel lets your communications department:

  • Create personalized signatures for specific groups of employees using an HTML editor.
  • Insert and schedule special signatures for use inside or outside your organization on specific dates.
  • Track the number of clicks and find out who clicked from a dedicated analytics dashboard.
  • Ensure a brand identity by standardizing 100% of your signatures.
  • Leverage your marketing databases and increase your return on investment.

Since your campaign reaches every person you email you can expect your campaign to be seen 100% of the time with a click through rate higher than standard email campaigns!

Email Signature case studies
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Elevate your style, streamline your processes, extend your reach.