The End of Net Neutrality: How Cloudflare CDN Can Help Speed Up Any Slows

It looks as if the end of net neutrality is upon us. On December 14th, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal net neutrality regulations that ensured internet service providers (ISPs) treated all internet traffic equally. Essentially this … Continue reading

Snapchat Marketing For Brands

Emerging Trend: Snapchat for Brands

Photo Credit: AdamPrzezdziek/flickr You may know Snapchat as an app that’s popular among a younger demographic, but it’s proving to be an effective marketing tool. Snapchat for brands is an emerging trend, as the app improves its marketing capabilities. If … Continue reading

Virtual Reality Marketing

Virtual Reality: The Future Of Marketing?

Photo Credit: Nan Palmero/flickr Virtual Reality (VR) is not a new concept – there have been plenty of attempts to bring this technology to the mainstream through video games, the film industry and even amusement park rides, but what about … Continue reading