Brand Awareness Facebook Update

Facebook’s New Updates To Raise Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness Facebook Update

Photo Credit: melenita/flickr

This past week Facebook announced four new marketing updates that have a ton of great benefits for marketers. One update in particular that could be extremely valuable for organizations is called Brand Awareness Optimization.

The number of Facebook’s active advertisers has increased by 25% since February of this year. The social media platform is aiming to improve their marketing offerings for brands, which has also been made apparent with Facebook’s recent newsfeed update.

This Brand Awareness Optimization tool will allow marketers to know which people spent the most quality time viewing an ad. The amount of time a person spends viewing specific ads will be compared to how much time they typically spend viewing ads. The data marketers receive from this tool will help them focus on audiences that have similar interest-level profiles.

Put simply – this metric is a strong indicator of whether or not a person will remember the ad – if marketers can target their ads to more people that spend that type of quality time viewing their content, it will then increase brand awareness.

This feature actually helps brands target consumers that are the most likely to remember their advertisement.

Facebook will begin offering this update in limited release starting this month into the next few months.

Other updates that have recently been announced include  It’s important for businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest updates on social media platforms because it can be extremely helpful in their marketing efforts.

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