Benefits Of Editorial Calendar

Top 5 Benefits of an Editorial Calendar

If your business doesn’t already have an editorial calendar in place to organize the implementation of your content marketing strategy, it’s time to put one together. An editorial calendar, or content calendar, is a collaborative document that maps out the … Continue reading

Liqui-Site Blog Video Digital Marketing

Add Video To Your Marketing Strategy

Using video to reach your target audience and increase website traffic is a digital marketing best practice. Videos are fun, engaging and a unique way to showcase your brand in a way that text and photos just can’t. Consumers are … Continue reading

High Conversion Landing Pages

Your Guide To High Conversion Landing Pages

Launching a campaign? Marketing a new product? Promoting an event? Creating a dedicated landing page should be one of your top priorities. Landing pages are individual web pages that are relevant, informative and push your audience to take an action … Continue reading

Targeting Millennials

Targeting Millennials with Digital Media

Photo Credit: garyknight/flickr Connecting with the millennial generation is essential to your digital marketing efforts. With their short attention spans and need for convenience, engaging with this influential group requires a strategic approach. Who are the millennials? Consumers aged 18-36 … Continue reading