Do You Have the Need for Speed? Here’s How to Determine if AMPs are Right for Your Site

In our smartphone-reliant era, search engines prioritize mobile responsive websites. We build client sites with self-adjusting images, flexible font, and other search engine optimized elements to ensure that they serve mobile users and shoot straight to the top of results … Continue reading

Snapchat Marketing For Brands

Emerging Trend: Snapchat for Brands

Photo Credit: AdamPrzezdziek/flickr You may know Snapchat as an app that’s popular among a younger demographic, but it’s proving to be an effective marketing tool. Snapchat for brands is an emerging trend, as the app improves its marketing capabilities. If … Continue reading

Virtual Reality Marketing

Virtual Reality: The Future Of Marketing?

Photo Credit: Nan Palmero/flickr Virtual Reality (VR) is not a new concept – there have been plenty of attempts to bring this technology to the mainstream through video games, the film industry and even amusement park rides, but what about … Continue reading