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How to Use AMP for eCommerce Websites

Using AMP for eCommerce

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is a relatively new project created by Google and Twitter with the aim of making mobile pages faster. AMP uses a simpler form of HTML that doesn’t take as long to load as a normal HTML page. This means webpages viewed over AMP will generally be more streamlined, with an emphasis on speed and easy readability. According to the project’s website, AMP’s main initiative is “to make the web better for all.” But exactly how inclusive is that “all?” Here we take a look at how AMPs work in the eCommerce space.

Faster Loading Times

With mobile devices becoming more and more prominent in our culture, many online shoppers are taking to their phones and iPads to shop.

You’ve probably heard the statistics about how soon visitors will give up on a site: if your mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load, over half of your visitors will leave. That’s not much time, and most mobile webpages take much longer than three seconds to load. But if you use AMP to get your loading time under three seconds, you may just be able to keep those visitors on your site.

Increased Conversion Rates

Many eCommerce companies have already implemented AMP, and report that the accelerated mobile pages have contributed to increased conversion rates and decreased bounce rates.

For example,, a travel marketplace in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, reported seeing a 95% increase in conversion rates after implementing AMP. AMP also helped the company triple its ad conversion rates.

Improved User Experience

If you’re worried that a faster loading time might require sacrificing some of your site’s best features, rest at ease. AMP supports up-to-date content, shopping carts, checkout, payments, log-in, and product recommendations. It also allows you to test out the user experience on your site, and supports a range of analytics programs.

Whether or not you decide to go with AMP for your eCommerce site is ultimately up to you. But in this mobile-centric age, keeping your site mobile-friendly and up to speed (literally) may be the only way to ensure your business’ continued success.

At Liqui-Site, our ultimate goal is to maximize your site’s profitability and impact through more conversions, leads, and sales brought in by our team of innovative SEO experts. If you’re looking for help bringing your website up to speed, or wondering whether or not AMP is a good idea for your eCommerce site, get in touch.