High Conversion Landing Pages

Your Guide To High Conversion Landing Pages

High Conversion Landing Pages

Launching a campaign? Marketing a new product? Promoting an event? Creating a dedicated landing page should be one of your top priorities.

Landing pages are individual web pages that are relevant, informative and push your audience to take an action – and reach your campaign goals.

Whether it’s a crowdfunding campaign or a new product on your ecommerce site, a thoughtfully crafted landing page is key. Designing a landing page for a high conversion rate can be tough, so here’s a guide with our top tips:

Consistent Branding

Be sure that your landing page’s design is consistent with the design of your website and the call-to-action (CTA) that your visitor clicked to get there. The brand color palette, fonts, and messaging of your overall online presence must align.

Quick Communication

Your message should be clear as soon as someone arrives on your landing page. Don’t beat around the bush – make sure your visitor knows exactly what you want from them by keeping copy concise and transparent.

Keep It Simple

When developing the content and design of your landing page, it is important to keep it simple. Keep the options and features to a minimum in order to prevent distractions. A single CTA is best, but there may be instances where two different options must be presented to the visitor. Any information, link or button that does not support the goal of your landing page will hurt your conversion rate.

Respond Across Devices

A landing page that is not responsive or mobile friendly will not do well. This is especially important if a form is involved; users do not and will not take action on a page that does not function seamlessly on their devices.

What’s In It For Them?

Give visitors motivation to take action on your landing page with some sort of reward or incentive. Free bonus content, coupon codes, free shipping, social media shout-outs or prizes are all great ways to compensate users that make it to the end of the conversion tunnel.

Before launching a campaign, make sure you design a landing page that’s created to convert. With these tips in mind, your organization is bound to reach its campaign goals and see success!