4 Ways to Get Organic Links Without Asking for Them

Getting organic links to your blog or website is something many SEO writers struggle with. Without other people or sources linking to your page, your content has a much lower chance of being seen by those you want to reach. So the question becomes—how do you get links to your site without eliciting them?

Liqui-Site’s got the answer. Here are four foolproof ways to get those coveted organic links and watch the leads come rolling in.

  1. Create Valuable Content

The number one way to get organic links to your website is through great content creation. When you create something of value, readers naturally want to share it with others. Valuable content may be informative, inspirational, or funny. It could be a well-told story or the answer to a common question. It may move the reader emotionally, or it may inspire them to do something.

So how do you write valuable content? Unfortunately, there’s no one recipe for success. Depending on your target audience, the definition of valuable content may differ. Think about the people you want to reach, and write specifically for them. That’s the only sure way to get organic links to your content.

  1. Stay Relevant

If you want your content to be relevant, stay on top of the latest trends and news in your industry. Blogging about recent events is a great way to get links, especially if you cover a piece of news before other sites do. This way, readers will get the story from your website first, and if they decide to write up their own coverage, chances are they’ll link back to you.

  1. Give Out Free Stuff

Who doesn’t love free stuff? As materialistic as it sounds, giving out free stuff is a great way to get people to do what you want them to. So give other sites free guest posts, blogging awards, or just recognition on your own site. Give your readers free ebooks, plugins, apps, or courses. Host giveaways. You can even give organic links to other sites!

It’s the same principle behind creating valuable content: When you give people something of value, they want to share it.

  1. Network, Network, Network

Surprise: networking is just as valuable on the Internet as it is in “real life.” You can network by commenting on other websites, congratulating authors on great content, and starting up discussions with other Internet writers. The same rule that holds true in real life relationships also holds true in SEO practices: If you want others to invest in you, invest in them first.

Speaking of which, we at Liqui-Site are eager to invest in your website! As an innovative team of SEO experts, we know what it takes to get organic links to your site. Contact us today to find out how we can help guide your organization towards more leads, increased sales, and greater impact.