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What Consumers Want From Brands In 2016

Brands In 2016
With a new year comes new trends and predictions for digital marketing.

In the past, marketers told consumers what they were supposed to want, but a shift has developed in the past few years; 2016 is the first year that marketing will fully be driven by the wants and needs of the customer.

Targeting millennials with digital marketing was a common trend among brands in 2015, but with BBMG’s list of human aspirations, a new demographic called Aspirationals has been introduced. This group adores purpose-driven marketing because it brings “the cool thing” and “the right thing” together. This generation is actually more likely to spend more money on a brand that is socially conscious!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach potential customers and make a difference in the world. Here’s what consumers want to see from brands this year:

Fewer Resources

As BBMG put it, consumers want abundance without waste. This means they want brands to provide them with more experiences, while using fewer resources. An example of this is Patagonia’s Worn Wear, which promotes repairing and recycling used clothing. They encourage customers to send in their unwanted Patagonia garments and allow them to repurpose the materials.

More Honesty

Consumers are smarter in 2016; they can see through gimmicks and facades, and they’re over it! Companies that are honest and welcome imperfection will gain the trust of this generation. This year is less about being flawless and much more about being real. Try using Snapchat to show a more human side to your brand.

Human Connections

Something brands can do to draw the attention of consumers is to make more connections with people who are behind what the brand stands for. Collaborating with influencers will make you stand out and organically grow your fan base.

Break Boundaries

In 2016, strict demographic roles are going out the window; Stereotypes are being challenged, giving more freedom to both brands and consumers alike. Ellen DeGeneres’ line with Gap Kids includes a variety of gender neutral clothing items that are for young girls “just as they are,” whether they like to skateboard, play with dolls or both.

Work To Do Good

Brands that stand for a good cause are likely to see success this year. This generation wants to know more about what they can do in their everyday lives to make an impact. What if buying from your company actually made people feel like they were doing something good? For example, at Liqui-Site, 2% of every new project is donated to our clients’ charity of choice. This is just one way in which we demonstrate that everyday transactions can contribute to the health and equity of our world.

The revolution of the relationship between brands and consumers in 2016 will make a big impact, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

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Chelsea Broughton
Content Strategist, Liqui-Site

Chelsea joined the team in 2014 and was promoted to Content Strategist in 2015. She is responsible for research, developing compelling content to engage audiences, drafting press releases as well as curating content and discovering potential new business relationships via social media.