LinkedIn Marketing For Brands

Using LinkedIn To Market Your Brand

LinkedIn Marketing For Brands
Today, most professionals have a LinkedIn account for networking and job search purposes. In fact, LinkedIn currently has over 200 million members! It’s the top social networking site for professionals – and it also has some great properties that can help raise awareness for brands.

Two million companies currently have LinkedIn Pages, so your company shouldn’t be on the outside of the opportunities that a Company Page can bring. Along with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn is very much a powerhouse in the world of social media marketing. Check out these tips on how LinkedIn can help you promote your business:

Complete Your Profile

Make sure your Company Page profile is completely filled out. Though the summary section is at the bottom of your Page, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write a great description of your business, what you do and how you do it. If someone is interested enough to scroll to the bottom of your profile, they’ll be interested enough to read your description and learn more about your company. Be sure to use keywords in your summary so that people can find your Page through relevant search.

Since your summary is at the bottom of your page, make sure you have an attractive cover image to capture your visitors’ attention. Choose an image the lures people to take a closer look at your content. You may consider including some text on your cover image to give some information on your business.

Involve Your Employees

Ask your employees to connect with your page by identifying that they work for your company on their own profiles. They will appear as employees on your Company Page so visitors can connect with them as well. Also be sure to encourage your employees to share Company Page updates with their own networks.

LinkedIn is a great platform for recruiting new employees and getting a wide exposure to professional audiences. Utilize the job listing feature to find new talent to add to your team.

Products and Services

Add your products and services to a tab on your Company Page. This is where you can share images and descriptions of what you offer, as well as a link to where those products or services can be purchased, if applicable. Create a distinct message for each aspect of your business that is tailored for it’s own target audience.

Be sure to ask your followers for product and/or service reviews. Page visitors can publish these written testimonials, which can be shared on your LinkedIn Page, as well as your website.

Company Updates

Like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn allows you to share updates with your followers. Make people want to connect with your Page by sharing quality content that is useful and interesting to your target audience. Share blog posts from outside sources as well as from your own site – this will drive traffic to your blog and boost site engagement. LinkedIn is a place for content that relates to industry talk and thought leadership. LinkedIn doesn’t require constant updates like some other platforms do. Posting once a day during the weekday business hours is a common best practice.

Another feature you can use on LinkedIn is “Featured Updates,” which highlights important content and pins selected posts to the top of your page. Use this option when posting about important events, campaigns, a specific piece of content or a promotion.

Using LinkedIn to promote your brand is a great way to raise awareness, recruit talent and make connections with industry leaders. If you’re considering getting serious about your company’s social media marketing strategy, comment below or contact us to schedule a consultation. Also, be sure to check out our own Liqui-Site LinkedIn Page and follow us there – we look forward to connecting with you!