LiquiRoadTrips Car Game Apps

#LiquiRoadTrips: Classic Games Meet Tech

LiquiRoadTrips Car Game Apps

Photo Credit: woody1778a/Flickr

Hitting the road with your family or friends is a great time to bond and make memories. When the route gets particularly lengthy, conversations can start to die out and the radio gets old. Playing mobile games can kill time, especially when you’re trying to keep your kids busy on the road, but nothing beats traditional road trip games, where you are able to interact with the other people in your vehicle.

Classics such as “license plate bingo” or “I spy” now have their very own mobile apps! If you’re trying to get some old fashioned fun in while on your road trip, check out these apps that give them a modern twist:

State Plate Bingo

This app takes License Plate Bingo to the next level. Search the road for different states in the U.S. and tap it’s location on the map. Learn fun facts about each state that you see, including its nickname, capitol, population, state bird and more! Keep track of which plates you’ve seen on your “My Plates” list and see who can find all 50 before you reach your destination.

Family Car Games

This app isn’t considered a gaming app, but more of a guidebook to different games you and your family can play together. This app gives simple instructions for games from different categories that can be played by 2 or more people. The lists include classic games that you’ve played before, and some originals you have never even heard of. Once you understand the rules of the game, you can put the phone away and get playing!

Slug Bug

Playing “Punch Buggy” has a whole new meaning with this mobile app. This multiplayer game allows everyone in the car to connect their devices and play each other in this classic car game. Whoever taps “SLUG” with the correct color first gets the point; if the player selected the wrong color, the other players can protest and whoever is the game “host” can make the final call. There doesn’t seem to be any punching involved in this version of the game, which may or may not disappoint you.

What’s your favorite car game? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to check out our other #LiquiRoadTrips posts this summer, like our suggestions for best mobile map apps or apps for sharing your trip.