SEO UX Work Together

How SEO and UX Work Together

SEO UX Work Together

There are so many aspects to digital marketing, we sometimes forget how intertwined each component actually is with another. When it comes to SEO and user experience (UX), it may seem as if the two have nothing to do with each other, but that isn’t the case!

In fact, SEO and UX need to work together in order to be successful. Realizing that the two go hand-in-hand will help to create a site that is both usable and high performing in terms of driving traffic via organic search.

SEO And UX Have Common Goals

It’s a misconception that SEO and UX have opposing goals; The two actually have some common ground at the onset. Along with inbound links, traffic and ranking, SEO is also impacted by quality of content and page load speed, which directly affect UX. SEO brings users to the site, which leads to the conversions that UX strives for. Keeping a user engaged with your site relies on why and how they found your site in the first place.

Google Cares More About UX Than You Think

Judging by Google’s latest quality update, its algorithms cater to the experience of site visitors. If your website has great SEO, but not a great UX, it won’t meet Google’s standards. Google’s goal is to provide users with the most relevant results, which in turn affects their experience. Google constantly tweaks its algorithm in order to identify and weed out websites that are try to cheat their way to the top – and rewards those that have content of high value and quality.

Searchability and Usability

Website usablity means nothing if users can’t find it and quality traffic means nothing if users don’t find the site easy to use. The user experience begins before they even arrive on the site. In fact, 93% of online experiences begin with a search. When it comes down to it, UX and SEO rely heavily on one another.

SEO Research Data Aids UX Decisions

No matter what kind of experience a designer has built into the UX, each site has different goals and priorities that are determined upfront. With SEO research, you can search for specific data that relates to your industry and customers. Providing designers with information directly from the people whom the experience will serve will give them a solid starting point from which to base decisions on.

Problem Solving and Avoiding Errors

With SEO and UX experts working together, more technical issues will be averted. Those who work in SEO will look for obstacles such as broken links or page errors. Being able to identify these problems will only make the site better once they are fixed; it improves SEO and makes for a smoother experience.

You can optimize your website for your visitors and Google at the same time – both are essential to the success of your site! By having SEO and UX experts work together and understand each other’s goals, your site is sure to gain traffic and conversions.

At Liqui-Site, our talented digital and development teams work together in order to achieve great SEO and create amazing user experiences, as part of our custom web design services. For more information about our services, comment below or contact us directly!