Ecommerce Site Compete With Amazon

Can Your Ecommerce Site Compete With Amazon?

Ecommerce Site Compete With Amazon

Photo Credit: Mike Seyfang/flickr

In today’s market, convenience and speed is key – especially when targeting millennials. This demographic knows what they want… and they want it now.

Amazon has totally mastered the art of satisfying instant gratification with offerings such as Amazon Dash and quick delivery services like Prime Now and Same Day Delivery. How can brands compete when Amazon Prime members have access to free two-hour shipping?

Is it even possible to compete with Amazon? You may not have the ability to completely blow the ecommerce giant out of the water, but Amazon can’t be good at everything.

Be Innovative

Free same day shipping may not be within your capabilities, but there are other approaches you can take. Consider your audience and what they would appreciate from your brand. Is it free shipping? Personalized messages? Discounts? Or something completely new and different! Brainstorm with your team and see what you can give your customers that nobody else can.

Dominate Your Niche

Your ecommerce shop probably does not hold the type of inventory that Amazon does – they have everything. Use this to your advantage by focusing your products on a specific niche market. Make your ecommerce shop the go-to place for the items that you offer.

Give Great Customer Service

Offer your consumers a personalized experience with great customer service. Amazon isn’t exactly known for having the best customer service, mainly because of their size. Your company has a better ability to provide personal care and build a relationship with your audience. Not only will this increase customer loyalty, but will also increase the amount of people talking about your company.

Don’t let Amazon make you lose hope! Ecommerce success is in sight if you focus on your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses.