Anatomy of Effective Fundraising Email

The Anatomy Of An Effective Fundraising Email

Anatomy of Effective Fundraising Email

Photo Credit: Mio Cade/flickr

With the end of the year coming up, nonprofit organizations are devising strategies to boost donations during end of year appeals. We all know that email campaigns are a definite component of that strategy, but how should an email be constructed in order to help bring success to your crowdfunding efforts.

Eye-Catching Subject Line

The purpose of an email subject line is to get the recipient to open the email. You don’t have to tell your story or convince them to donate within your subject line, you just need to grab their attention and raise curiosity. Keep it short! Brief subject lines have been proven to outperform longer ones. Getting readers to open the email is just half the battle, so spending time crafting the perfect subject line is crucial.

Tell A Story

Now that the reader has opened the email, it’s time to pull at their heartstrings with a powerful story. A personalized background story of a real person that has been influenced by your organization is a great way to make donors connect to your cause. Include visuals that will touch your donors’ hearts and make an emotional impact. Using stories and images will show your readers the reality of your cause.

Make It About Them

The best way to receive a donation from your contacts is to make them feel like a hero. Tell them that their contributions are the reason you’re organization is able to do good work. Thank the recipient for their help before they donate; make them feel good about themselves for even considering giving to your cause and they will want to do more!

Be Specific About Where The Money Goes

Donors want to know exactly what their money will be used for before making a contribution. Make sure your email includes details about where the money will go and what the outcome will be. Include specific dollar amounts to encourage giving and to communicate impact. Letting potential donors know that a gift of $50 will provide two week’s worth of meals for a family will inspire them to give as much as they can.

Clear Calls-To-Action

Do not distract your email recipients with a ton of different calls to action (CTAs) or options. Keep the email copy brief and provide a clear passage to the campaign’s landing page. There can be multiple CTA buttons or links in your fundraising email, but they must all click through to the same place.

Remember, the recipients of your email have already signed up to your email subscriber list… they are interested in what you have to say! Deliver a direct and heartfelt message in order to give them the push they need to make a meaningful donation to your cause this year.