Three Audiences that Love a Magento Site

They say that knowing your audience is the key to success. But that can be easier said than done—unless you have the right help. Enter Magento: a commerce platform that helps you become acquainted with and accommodate your eCommerce website’s three main audience members: customers, search engines, and internal managers. Let’s take a look at how this all-in-one solution is the perfect tool for all three.

  1. Customers

From Chipotle’s build-your-own burrito shtick to personalized Pandora radio stations, today’s consumer is used to life tailored to their specifications. Give visitors an online shopping experience that meets their expectations and watch conversion rates soar. Magento can help.

Magento puts the “custom” in “customer”. When someone first visits your site, Magento notes which merchandise they’re considering and suggests similar items. Visitors find what they want and so do you.

When a lead becomes a customer, Magento stores and segments their demographic information. Upon repeat visits, the customer sees a version of your website that presents promotions and products based on their location, gender, order history, and more. Customers enjoy a personalized shopping experience as you hit your professional stride.

  1. Search Engines

Today, more than half of Internet activity is performed from a mobile device and search engines have updated results page criteria accordingly. Mobile responsive design has become a cornerstone of search engine optimization (SEO).

Magento can help your ecommerce site rise through the ranks. A site built with Magento looks just as sleek viewed on an Apple desktop computer as it does on an Android smartphone. Grant your customers a quality shopping experience from any device and out-rank every competitor in organic search results.

  1. Internal Managers

Magento’s value as a marketing tool goes beyond public-facing web design features. The commerce platform’s back end presents deep insights through a user-friendly interface for fool-proof website management.

Magento offers administrators data sets like popular search terms and best-selling products in an easily digestible dashboard format. Quantifiable feedback shows you what’s working so that you can adjust your website and marketing strategies for continued success.

They say you can’t please everyone, but Magento certainly can. Magento offers beauty and brains—helping your commerce site speak to customers and scale search results pages before showing you exactly how it’s done.

Here at Liqui-Site, we pride ourselves on our ability to build custom eCommerce sites that drive qualified prospects and increase sales. Magento is just one tool in our arsenal. Interested in what else we can do? Contact us today!