3 Reasons to Focus on UI

A striking logo. A useful form. A vertical scroll. It’s these sorts of design elements that come together to make your company website’s UI. Short for user interface, this abbreviated term goes a long way in determining whether or not visitors enjoy coming to your website.

If that isn’t reason enough to ensure that your website has strong UI, we give you three more.

  1. UI Conveys More than You Think

Consider this: 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making a purchase. Shoppers aren’t just consulting customer reviews to see how others like your product or service, they’re judging the quality of your website. Make sure it’s favorable.

Your website is an extension of your brand—an avatar that represents your company even after you close for the day. A company website that takes a long time to load or features links that lead to error messages tell visitors that your product is outdated or that your service will be carelessly performed. Similarly, strong UI communicates an attention-to-detail that imbues all aspects of the business.

  1. Better UI Translates to Better SEO

Before a visitor can form an opinion on your site’s UI and user experience they have to, well, experience it. The better your site’s UI, the easier it is to find, as search engines take design into consideration when determining a page’s search results rank.

Indeed, a site’s cross-device compatibility and copy layout factor heavily into leading search engines’ ranking algorithms. A sleek UI can help your site speed past the competition.

  1. UI Can Help You Understand Your Audience

You build your site’s UI to educate customers on your product, but this may just end-up teaching you about your customers.

Think about how much you learn when you mindfully build web pages to appeal to your target audience and then analyze site traffic. This lets you find out which elements are well-received, which can be improved, and whether your overall perception of what customers want is accurate.

Your website’s UI is more than its aesthetic. It says a lot about your customers, your company, and your place in the search results hierarchy. That’s why Liqui-Site takes great care to build clients’ websites with optimal UI in mind. Let’s talk about your website’s potential. Contact us today.