Top College Apps

#LSTechEd: Top 5 Apps For College Students

Top College Apps

Life as a college student is far from simple. Between managing your course load, having a social life and actually getting enough sleep, there are countless daily activities that college students have to juggle.

Here are Liqui-Site’s 5 favorite apps to help you survive another year of your journey toward academic excellence and getting the most out of your college experience:


The main goal of pursuing higher education is to receive a degree, but with so much going on concentrating on your studies can be difficult. The Studious app makes staying organized and focused easy. This app acts as a handheld planner, allowing you to add and color-code your courses. Within each course, you are able to add your assignments, exam reminders and take notes. Studious also allows you to set silent hours during your class times. When adding an assignment you can also add a title, description, and even select which numbered questions of the assignment need to be completed. For a free app, Studious is very handy, and easy to use due to its intuitive and barebones interface.


Finances and budgeting are often new topics for college students, living on their own for the first time. The Mint app allows you to have all financial information in one place and provide a 360-degree view of everything that is going on in your wallet. You can add your bank accounts, credit cards, tuition, student loans, etc. Mint monitors all your spending and expenses to help you set budgets for yourself so you can make sure you have those extra few bucks set aside for any weekend adventures. Mint also provides text alerts for any suspicious spending. This app uses bank-like security, is free and is also accessible online through a browser.


With over 1 million downloads, the AroundMe app helps you find a variety of local establishments – from restaurants, to banks, to hospitals. It is really useful when moving into new and unfamiliar territory and trying to find something to do in your free time or somewhere to eat. The app even gives you the options to call, share, favorite or open up your mobile device’s navigation app to get directions to the location. The Around Me app is very simple to use and free, but you can also choose to purchase the app to avoid ads.


The Quizlet app will actually help you learn your course material and provide study tools that are free and helpful. This app allows you to create your own flashcards or search through hundreds of courses to find useful study tools related to your specific course or subject matter. Learn your course materials in an interactive way through games and traditional flashcards. You can use Quizlet on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. You can even share your study sets with your friends, classmates or students from other universities and colleges.


If you’re looking for inspiration, something to help you get you back on track, or are just looking for some conversation topics, the TED App puts thought-provoking speeches at your fingertips. Over 200 talks are available on the app, categorized by dozens of topics. There’s even a “Surprise Me” tab where you can choose to see something “Inspiring”, “Beautiful”, “Jaw-Dropping” or “Ingenious”. Not only will this app keep you up to date on social issues, the latest tech and different industries – it may actually help you answer one of life’s hardest questions: “What do I really want to major in?”

Which app are you going to download first? Let us know in the comments below! We hope these tools help you or a college student you know get through the semester with ease. Be sure to keep an eye out for more #LSTechEd posts – follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest so you don’t miss a thing!