Liqui-Site January Campaign Roundup

January Campaigns To Start the New Year

January Campaign Roundup

Social media campaigns in January set the tone for the rest of 2016, and it looks promising! Purpose initiatives, education and social acceptance are definitely going to be big trends this year. Here are a few of our favorite campaigns in January 2016:


ExxonMobil’s campaign, #BeAnEngineer, is an effort to motivate young people to become engineers and get interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. The video ads take a look at what the present day would be like without engineers in a very humorous way. One clip features a man at what seems like a car dealership, trying to figure out what “ride” he should buy. It turns out the lot is filled with horses, since cars would not exist without engineers. Another spot shows two teens sending and receiving messages using pigeons, which are taking place of text messaging. These videos point out just how much engineers impact our daily lives, which teens and college students may not realize. Exxon explains that as an engineer, changing the world is part of the job description.


In the past, Axe has been known to put out some hyper masculine ads, but with #FindYourMagic they’re leaving that all in the past. This new campaign is all about shedding outdated notions of masculinity and urging men to embrace their individuality. The video ad features men of all different backgrounds, orientations and appearances, including men dancing in heels, playing with kittens and in wheelchairs. With this rebrand, Axe no longer enforces traditional ideas of what it means to be a “real man,” making it much more relatable.


Another campaign working to make a change in the advertising industry is #ChangingTheFaceOfBeauty. This organization aims to diversify advertising and media worldwide by pushing for equal representation of people with disabilities. The campaign hopes to empower young people with disabilities and special needs by advocating for inclusive imagery – as well as experience independence by joining the workforce as adults. Only 44% of all adults with special needs are employed. So far, this movement has 100 companies on board, and has produced inclusive photo shoots and celebrity partnerships, among other accomplishments. With such momentum, this campaign has the potential to change the future of advertising.

Which campaigns caught your eye this month? Let us know in the comments below and check out our previous campaign roundups over the last few months: Killer Campaigns of October 2015, Campaigns We Were Thankful For in November 2015, and Campaigns That Brought Joy in December 2015.

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