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What Is Your Email Signature Doing for You?

You put a lot of thought into your last email to that prospect. You chose every word carefully and even personalized it with information that showed you took the time to learn about their business. But how much thought did you give to your email signature?

Is it the run-of-the mill title, company, phone number kind? Does it include an inspirational quote? Or perhaps it includes all of the above—along with video links, photos, and more.

The fact is, your current email signature may not be doing much for you—when it could be used as a business opportunity. Worse still, it might actually be turning people off.

Survey says your signature might be annoying

Partnering with Entrepreneur, research firm Ipsos surveyed 1,006 U.S. adults about what they like and dislike in email signatures. The results were surprising. Half the respondents said they find it annoying when people list awards they’ve won. Another 28% find an inspirational quote or mantra irritating, and 15% think fax numbers are bothersome.

That said, Ipsos also found that more than half of U.S. adults don’t use an email signature at all, which means a sign off with a long list of current projects can easily cross into “annoying” territory.

The takeaway? Everything in moderation. Focus on what’s important and don’t leave recipients with too much information to plow through to find what they actually need.

Know your audience. Boost engagement.

The good news is, most of us are in business mode when we’re reading our emails at work. Since we’re actively engaged in reading material related to what we’re doing, we’re more likely to notice and consider the signature. This turns your signature into a powerful marketing opportunity.

But unless you’re surveying your own specific target audience, you can’t possibly know if your email signature is working, can you? It turns out you can. These days, you can roll out dynamic, controlled, and targeted communication campaigns from within your email. This empowers you to know exactly what is or isn’t having an impact on recipients.

With complete control over your email signature, you can build your brand by standardizing signatures, create personalized signatures for specific groups, insert special signatures on specific dates, and even track the number of clicks and who’s clicking. That’s a lot power for something most people set once and forget about!

Sign off with a purpose

Think about how many emails your organization sends per day. That much interaction creates an incredible opportunity to connect, and your email signature can go a long way to winning people over—or turning them away.

If you’re ready to elevate your style, streamline your processes, and extend your reach, Liqui-Site can help. To find out more and discover our eSignit platform, contact us today.