Wildlife Conservation Society

#DoGoodDecember Spotlight: Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Conservation Society

As a digital agency focused on social good, Liqui-Site has been raising awareness on behalf of some of our favorite causes throughout December. For our final #DoGoodDecember spotlight, we chose the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), an organization dedicated to conserving wildlife and places across the globe.

The challenges are greater than ever for wild species on our planet, but the WCS is determined to continue protecting priority regions and animal life. They set the bar for science, conservation action and education; their discoveries inspire support and action.

The WCS has multiple focus areas where they work to provide solutions:

Protected Areas: By assisting governments and communities in protecting natural systems that are critical to saving wildlife, WCS secures local livelihoods and valuable flows of ecosystems services based on the principles of sustainability.

Illegal Wildlife Trade: WCS works to stop poaching, blocks trafficking across transit routes and reduces the demand for wildlife and wildlife products.

Oceans & Fisheries: By curating local and government partnerships, the WCS works to protect Earth’s oceans, coastlines, inland waters and marine life.

Wildlife Management: To stabilize or increase species populations, the WCS takes action to minimize threats to wildlife. They also ensure that hunting and fishing are sustainable and work to resolve conflict between people and wildlife.

Climate Change: The WCS applies their scientific expertise to discovering how to best limit the effects of climate change on ecosystems, wildlife and people.

Health: Through their global health expertise, WCS investigates and combats diseases that threaten the health of people, wildlife and domestic animals.

Communities: The WCS works with indigenous and local people to achieve a more secure and resilient future, keeping wildlife as a part of the wild places where they live.

Business: By bringing the private sector together with governments, communities and consumers, they develop policy options and scientific solutions to benefit both nature and business.

By standing with WCS for wildlife, you can help them continue the amazing and impactful work that they do. Make sure you also check out some of our other favorite nonprofit organizations, including No Kid Hungry, Lustgarten Foundation and the Joyful Heart Foundation. Consider making a donation or spending time volunteering this holiday season (or throughout next year)!