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Digital Hospitality: How To Create a Welcoming Website For Your Hotel

Hotel owners, picture this. Some guests walk into your hotel’s lobby, but no one is there to greet them. They notice that the wallpaper is peeling and the carpet is stained. (Let’s not even go into the smell.) The guests then spend the next 20 minutes trying to find the front desk, and when they do the concierge is remarkably rude.

Obviously, you’d never run your hotel that way. But what about your website? Is it as clean, engaging, and easy-to-navigate as your hotel lobby? It should be. Most travelers make their final decision to stay at a hotel based on its website.

A hotel’s website is a great sales tool and a wonderful opportunity to showcase what makes your hotel special. With that in mind, there are few things you can do to set your hotel’s website apart and hopefully convert a casual browser into a future guest. Take a look:

Wow Them With Images

Our first bit of advice is a no-brainer. Guests want to be able to visualize where they will be staying. That means pictures! Crisp, clear images are a great way to display your property and encourage potential guests to imagine what a stay at your hotel will be like. So hire a professional photographer and snag some snaps of your plush king-sized beds, your crackling fireplaces, your jaw-dropping views, or whatever else makes your venue so special.

Liqui-Site will work with you to create a captivating big picture, with a sharp eye on all the tiny details that make it work. You’ll end up with a site that’s astonishing, memorable, and effective.

Cater to Guests On-The-Go

Whether they’re on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, today’s travelers are switching from one screen to the next to choose their hotel. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your site is as responsive and mobile-friendly as possible.

Don’t settle for a site that looks mediocre on a mobile browser. Liqu-Site will use responsive web design techniques in order to build a visually stunning, compelling website that knows the device a user is on—and adapts to fit the screen.

Ensure Seamless Navigation

Your website typically has less than 10 seconds to capture the user’s attention, so it better be easy to navigate. Make sure your website is intuitive for visitors at every stage of the travel planning process—from perusing the location and amenities to checking availability and booking a room. Your hotel’s website should have a clear navigation system, with easy-to-find links and logical drop-down menus. Important features to include are:

  • Directions to your hotel from local airports, train and bus stations
  • A contact page, with reliable ways to reach you
  • A system that allows guests to check availability and book rooms themselves

Whether your site’s visitors are just casually browsing or they’re ready to make a reservation, you want to make sure they can find everything they need on your website (without having to pick up the phone).

Looking To Upgrade Your Hotel’s Website?

Liqui-Site’s award-winning creative team will design your hotel’s website from scratch, delivering an exceptional and unforgettable experience for users—and a strategic, integrated system for you. Be our guest, and contact us today.