Best Kitchen Apps

Cooking & Tech: Best Apps In The Kitchen

Best Kitchen Apps
Has your smartphone become the main ingredient in your most recent recipe?

Did you know that 35% of home cooks use smartphones to look up recipes, 29% use their phones to photograph finished dishes, 18% create digital shopping lists and 16% redeem digital coupons at the grocery store?
Let’s face it, there’s an app for everything! Searching for recipes and cooking has transitioned from a time-consuming chore into a quick, easy and delicious process.
Along with recipes, there are even mobile apps that help you maintain your fridge. Ensuring that your food doesn’t go to waste is important – and when you’re on a budget it’s definitely a plus!

Check out our favorite mobile apps to use in the kitchen:

Food Planner

The FoodPlanner app allows you to import recipes from all your favorite websites and blogs to help build your own customized meal plan. After adding your favorite recipes, plan out the entire week and create a grocery list. Use your recipe database to quickly generate meal plans, grocery lists and inventory in just minutes! Using FoodPlanner will save you time and money.

Whaz in the Fridge

Whaz in the Fridge is a free fridge management app. This app allows you to input leftovers or ingredients to track expiration dates in order to stretch their food budget further. As the expiration date approaches you are reminded via notification system.

LaLa Lunchbox

Take the stress out of lunch and use this app to help plan a week’s worth of lunches for parents and kids. LaLa Lunchbox lets your child decide what goes in their lunchbox, with the help of their very own “monster”. You determine their food choices and lunchbox size, and they pick from various food group lists. After they select their favorite snacks and lunches, a grocery list is generated for easy shopping. The app then syncs across all devices allowing multiple people to view and access the grocery list.

Grocery Hero

Grocery Hero offers recipe suggestions based on the ingredients or leftovers you have in your fridge! It also provides a unique barcode scanner which helps to eliminate some time when entering in all the products in your fridge. This app notifies you of the expiration date before the items needs to be thrown away so you can use it before you lose it.

Fridge Pal

Fridge Pal helps to track the groceries in your fridge. This app also allows users to scan groceries while shopping, and also notifies you if certain food products are running low and need to be replaced. Dinner Spinner

This app provides tens of thousands of dinner recipes at your fingertips. Dinner Spinner lets you choose your course, a main ingredient and the prep time. All you have to do is spin the wheel or shake your phone for a random recipe selection. The app syncs with your account, which allows you to browse recipes and manage grocery lists from your smartphone, tablet and/or computer.

What’s your favorite app to use in the kitchen? Let us know in the comments below!