Account based marketing

The Ins and Outs of Account-Based Marketing

In today’s digital age, marketing is more competitive than ever. To combat this, many companies are adjusting their marketing approach to target customers more directly—a strategy called account-based marketing. If you’re not using this technique, you can bet that some of your competitors are—and you may be losing out as a result.

While traditional marketing approaches have acted more like a blanket, account-based marketing focuses on singling out a potential customer and marketing to them specifically. Here’s a handy guide to the differences between traditional and account-based marketing to help you figure out the approach that’s right for you.

Traditional marketing vs. account-based marketing

In the past, a popular marketing strategy has been to blast out emails and advertisements to as many people as possible in the hopes of finding a few interested parties. In this context, the more traffic your site has, the better. More visitors means you have a higher chance of attracting the right people to your site, right?

Account-based marketing, on the other hand, does more with less. Instead of attracting as many visitors to your site as possible, this approach targets interested parties from the beginning. Of course, that usually means a little extra work. Marketers will have to do some research to find their target customers, rather than simply throwing out a summons and hoping some interested parties answer the call. In the case of blogging, an account-based approach will carefully tailor content to be specific and personalized.

Another good way of thinking about the difference between traditional and account-based marketing is thinking in terms of quantity vs. quality. After identifying the consumers or companies they want to attract, account-based marketers engage with these customers through personalized campaigns that slowly build up to long-term relationships. In account-based marketing, you’re focused on building quality relationships through highly tailored content and experiences.

The benefits of account-based marketing

In contrast to traditional marketing schemes, account-based marketing is highly efficient. By targeting the right people from the beginning, this approach eliminates time spent creating broad, unfocused content designed to attract an audience that’s as wide as possible. You also avoid wasting time engaging with customers who aren’t really interested in your products or services.

Account-based marketing is also much more effective at retaining customers, as it offers a greatly enhanced customer experience. Personalized content and a focus on building lasting relationships means your customers will be much more loyal in the long run—and they’ll probably gush about your great service to other interested parties.

That’s another benefit: account-based marketing spreads the word about your impressive services among the right people, which means it’s ultimately much more self-sustaining than the traditional blanket approach to marketing.

Making your marketing strategy work for you

Need to shake up your marketing strategy? Can’t decide if account-based marketing is right for you? At Liqui-Site, we specialize in a number of different marketing approaches, and we can use our expertise to find the best combination for your company. To learn more, contact us today.