custom web design project partnership

Project Partnership I: What Are We Building?

custom website project partnership

In this series, we’ll focus on cultivating a real partnership between agency and client—where both share the risk and reward—during the development of a custom web project.

Time For Kick-Off

It may seem obvious, and therefore has the greatest likelihood of being glossed over in favor of enthusiasm, but gathering sufficient intel sets the stage for success.

At the kick-off, we’ll talk about:

  • Key objectives (why are we building this?)
  • The team (who will physically work on or influence the build?)
  • Target audience (who will use what we’re building together?)
  • Scope and function (how will what we’re building work?)
  • Project plan (how long will each phase of the build take?)
  • Measures of success (what are the KPIs that would prove the efficacy of what we build?)

Known Unknowns

As the project progresses, the new design, interactivity and multiple reviews will certainly trigger ideas from both sides that could not have been conceptualized at the beginning. We’ll do our best to include as many of these ‘known unknowns’ as possible within the estimated budget rang, but each partner must understand that it will depend heavily on how the project is tracking.

Our decisions are made together. We’ll discuss priorities if new ideas are to be included prior to go-live or added to the site in the future.

The next part of this series is Project Partnership II: How Do We Stay On Track?

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Kelly Campbell
President & CRO

Kelly founded Liqui-Site in 2003. She manages client relationships, corporate strategy and new business development—and fosters the collaborative and innovative culture at the agency.