Cat Adoption Month

5 Reasons You Should Adopt, Not Shop

Cat Adoption Month

This June, Liqui-Site is celebrating #AdoptACatMonth by spreading awareness on why it’s important to adopt pets instead of buying them at a pet store or from a breeder. Not only is it an excellent way to support your local animal shelter, but it’s also a way to give back and bring some happiness and love into your life. If you’re thinking about getting a cat, check out these 5 reasons why you should adopt from a shelter!

Save Lives

By adopting a cat, you’re literally saving a life. Out of the 6-8 million cats and dogs that are taken into animal shelters each year, between 3-4 million of them are euthanized. This is because space is limited at shelters.

“If more people adopted pets instead of buying them, the number of euthanized pets would decrease dramatically.”

Some shelters keep published lists of the animals that are lined up to be euthanized within the next few days. You may consider adopting an animal that’s on this list and save them from euthanasia. Not only are you saving the life of the animal you adopt, but you are also making room for a new animal to be housed in that shelter.

Save Money

Adopting a cat is much less expensive than buying one in a pet store or from a breeder. Not only are the prices much lower at shelters, but the pets usually come already spayed or neutered, with vaccinations and even some free cat food to start you off. There are even shelters that provide new pet owners with a certificate for a free first vet visit.

Shelter Support

In addition to in-shelter medical care, some places screen animals for specific behavioral issues and temperament. This way, shelter personnel can help a family find the right cat for them. Unlike pet stores, shelters care whether or not your new cat is the right fit for your needs because they do not want the animal to end up back in the shelter. The myth of “not knowing what you’re getting” when it comes to adopting a shelter pet is totally untrue. In fact, shelters usually have more extensive background information available on each pet than a pet store would.

Don’t Support Animal Cruelty

Cats at pet stores most likely come from kitten mills, which are factory-like environments where pets are kept in horrible conditions. These animals are usually inbred and experience multiple different medical and behavioral issues. Mill breeders care more about money than the wellbeing of the animals. The more we adopt and don’t shop, the lower the demand for kitten mills will be.

Inspire Others

By adopting an animal and telling people you know about your positive experience, you will inspire others to adopt instead of purchasing next time they consider getting a pet. Disprove the stigma of shelter animals and inform as many people as you can about the truth about pet stores.

The more people that are educated on the subject, the more pets will be saved.

Protecting the welfare of animals is a cause that we really care about at Liqui-Site. As a company, we work with cause-minded brands that share our passion to #WorkToDoGood. By sharing this information, we hope to make a difference in the lives of these pets as well as the people who adopt them. If you’re considering adopting a cat, check out the ASPCA’s adoptable cats in NYC.