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3 Elements of an Eye-Catching eCommerce Site

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but no one said anything about judging a service by its website. That’s right, a website visitor decides whether they are going to make a purchase from your eCommerce site in a fraction of a second.

You may have fabulous merchandise, but in the end, it’s all about presentation. Speaking of, we at Liqui-Site have something to present: three web design elements sure to convert visitors to customers!

  1. Intuitive Navigation

Since their inception, brick and mortar stores have split aisles, erected U-shaped displays reminiscent of a hug, and employed various other psychological tactics to appeal to shoppers’ subconscious and lead them in the right direction—literally! Take a page from their style guides and slip Freudian elements into your web design.

Intuitive site navigation mimics visitors’ natural train of thought and course of action to help them find what they came for and leave with a purchase confirmation. Liqui-Site can build your website to feature vertical scroll, click-triggered calls to action, and various other elements that put users at ease and increase the chances of a sale.

  1. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Just as visitors should be able to easily follow your website from home page to checkout, your website should be able to seamlessly follow visitors. The ubiquity of smartphones and other handheld devices mean that many, if not most, shoppers are looking at your site on a small screen. The design experts at Liqui-Site can ensure that they enjoy the view!

We’ll build your website to adapt to the Android, suit the 7 Plus, and accommodate all mobile device models in between—without sacrificing integrity. Shoppers on-the-go will enjoy the same swift load times and natural navigation as desktop users.

  1. That Special Something

With 110,000 ecommerce sites and counting, your visitors have virtually limitless online shopping options. Communicate your business’ unique value with a unique website, custom made by Liqui-Site.

Liqui-Site has established and managed the web presence of clients that run the gamut from an award-winning Mercedes-Benz dealership, to the admirable American Lung Association. We work to understand each client’s industry and design a custom site that distinguishes their brand from the competition. We’re prepared to do the same for you.

An effective ecommerce site is quick to adjust, easy to navigate, and hard to forget. Now that you know what you need, we’ll tell you how to begin building one: contact Liqui-Site today!