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Smooth Selling: 3 Ways to Secure Your eCommerce Website

The survey results are in—more than half of all purchases are made online. Though exciting news for eCommerce entrepreneurs, the findings do not come as much of a surprise to researchers. Online shopping has been on a steady incline in recent years. It seems that consumers have grown comfortable with the conventions of the online marketplace.

Unfortunately, so have hackers. The rise of the eCommerce economy has coincided with an uptick in online skimming activity—a serious concern for eCommerce businesses looking to establish a loyal client base.

Leave it to Liqui-Site to help you navigate the uncharted waters of running a secure eCommerce site in 2017. Knowledge, ho! See our three tips for smooth selling below.

  1. Choose a Secure Host Platform

Before your eCommerce site sets sail, you want to ensure that it is free from weak spots. Many eCommerce business owners trust Liqui-Site’s web hosting solution to prevent customer data leaks.

With Liqui-Site, it’s all hands on deck, at all times. Our team of web hosting specialists pays undivided attention to the security and stability of clients’ eCommerce websites. For example, clients that use WordPress for content management can rely on Liqui-Site to perform all necessary system updates.

  1. Require Two-Factor Authentication

For our second security tip, we recommend taking a second look at shoppers’ identification.

To make a basic online purchase, all a hacker needs is a victim’s credit card information. In a few taps, they can purchase a cart of merchandise on someone else’s dime. Take security one step further by requiring shoppers to provide a second form of identification. Asking shoppers to verify a code sent via email or text message is a good way to guarantee that your customer is who they claim. No stowaways on your ship!

  1. Insist on Strong Passwords

Much like utilizing two-factor authentication, mandating that customers create strong passwords makes things more complicated for cyber-criminals.

Insist that customers log into your site using an eclectic mix of alphabetical, numerical, and upper and lower case characters. This not only makes it 15 Ways to Protect Your Ecommerce Site From Hacking and Fraud for hackers to guess their password to your site, it puts customers in the habit of secure password creation. Talk about smart shopping!

With Liqui-Site at the helm and checkpoints in place, you and your customers can rest assured that their credit card information is safe from pirates. Contact us and batten down the hatches of your eCommerce site for smooth and secure selling.