magento community for custom ecommerce websites

When Is Magento Community Edition the Right Choice?

magento community for custom ecommerce websites

While small to mid-sized businesses want to compete with the best in their industry, it’s not always feasible due to limited finances. Magento Community makes custom website design and ecommerce development possible because it’s feature-rich out of the box and affordable.

Magento—one of the leading ecommerce platforms available—offers a free Community Edition. That means there are no license fees or proprietary source code.

Completely open-source, Magneto currently powers over 250,000 online stores across the globe. And with a strong community of support—comprised of developers and partners—Magento is able to continuously advance through code contributions, new extensions, and participation in the company’s forums and groups.

Short Project Timeline

Time is money, and Magento Community Edition ensures that businesses are up and running quickly in order to sell products as soon as possible. In large part, this efficiency due to the fact that ecommerce functionality coding isn’t necessary—unless custom features are required for the business (and there are always a few things each company wants to do a little differently). Now, there is also time that has to be accounted for custom design and production of the website, but the platform has a tremendous number of features built-in and can really help to get a new site launched in a much shorter timeframe than developing functionality from scratch.

Global Reach and Support

One of Magento Community’s most impressive features is its ability to achieve global reach. While many small commerce businesses do not have the experience and/or funding to expand internationally on their own, with the help from Magento, they can set themselves a part from competitors. To make its global feature even more appealing, the Community Edition supports almost all languages, currencies, and local tax rates.

At Liqui-Site, we love Magento Community Edition for its simplicity from a development perspective. It helps us create custom ecommerce websites that are built for high conversion from organic search and paid digital marketing initiatives. Making custom updates is easy for our team because documentation is solid—and there are great training resources available to help clients manage their ecommerce site post-launch.

With developers and merchants working tirelessly to help improve the platform, what’s not to love about Magento!

Keep an eye out for our next post on the Magento Enterprise to understand the differences between the two editions.