Web Design Showdown: Readymade vs. Tailor-Made

From pay-per-view boxing matches to Real Housewives reunion episodes, conflict demands our rapt attention. Deny as we may, we love a good showdown and do we have a showdown for you!

This post pits basic website design template against custom website design for the distinction of best choice for your business. Both offer benefits but only one will be crowned winner. Let’s get ready to rumble!

Readymade: Website Design Templates


In one corner, we have the basic website design template—a good option if you’re in a rush to have your website up and running. Indeed, the Internet is brimming with affordable, professional-looking website design templates. Choose the one you like best and simply purchase, download, and deploy.


The same accessibility that makes the basic website design template a viable option makes it a liability. Hundreds of domains feature the same templated font, color scheme, and overall aesthetic—a major obstacle for a company looking to stand out from the competition.

The personal touches you can add are severely limited. For example, key words and phrases may not fit within designated text areas and optimized images may slow the entire site. Each alteration runs the risk of breaking the template.

When customization cuts off at surface level, critical components of user experience remain fixed. Your website’s out-of-the-box design can quickly become outdated by search engines’ ever-heightening standards.

Tailor-Made: Custom Website Design


In the other corner is custom website design. Specially built to reflect your brand, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a similar looking site.

Custom code can be configured to create a user experience that boosts conversion rates and carries your site up the search results page.

SEO best practices have shifted? No problem. Custom web design can be easily scaled to adapt to changing times and user expectations.


Compared to downloading a readymade template, enlisting a professional to design a custom website seems a time-consuming commitment.

And the Winner is…

 It may offer convenience and come in many varieties, but the readymade web design template proves no match for custom website design.

Boasting a unique look and the flexibility to meet evolving end user and search engine expectations, custom web design is the best choice for your business.

Liqui-Site will ensure that your site is a knockout. Inquire about our custom web design services today.