Rocket Power Kittens

#TheyNeedLoveToo: Meet The Rocket Power Kittens

Meet The Rocket Power Kittens

This cute little guy is one of the “Rocket Power” kittens. Hi Tor was able to find volunteer fosters who are able to provide a warm, quiet place for his mother and litter-mates. Fosters provide animals with plenty of good food, freedom and some much needed love and affection!

He and his siblings play hard and snuggle even harder. They are playful, energetic and very affectionate kittens, with a great sense of adventure and curiosity; They turn just about anything into a toy! Their foster family tells us that they can sleep for hours on your lap, enjoying your company. They seem like the perfect Valentine’s Day companions.

Thank you to foster families who donate their time and energy to providing homes for these pets while they await placement in their forever homes. If you too would like to help the animals at Hi Tor, please donate below because #TheyNeedLoveToo!

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