Parkway Pups Work To Do Good

#TheyNeedLoveToo: Meet The Parkway Pups

Meet The Parkway Pups

Meet the Parkway Pups! At only days old, these adorable pups were thrown away on the side of the Palisades Parkway. When found, they were soaked to the bone and cold from the freezing rain. Hi Tor was called right away so that they could have a fighting chance at a better life.

Dr. Collins, one of Hi Tor’s volunteer vets from the Valley Cottage Animal Hospital, bottle fed them, cared for them, cleaned them and loved them. She gave them the chance that so many thought was going to be in vain. Today, each one of these pups are pre-adopted and will go to their forever homes as soon as they are ready.

Thanks to Dr. Collins for her commitment to Hi Tor’s homeless animals, the Parkway Pups and countless others have overcome their rough starts in life. Her donation of her precious time, every single week to the Hi tor animals is invaluable to the organization.

We are grateful for Hi Tor, its volunteers and staff like Dr. Collins.

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