Project Partnership Three

Project Partnership III: What Happens Next?

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When a project comes to an end, the long-term relationship between client and agency is just beginning.

Grace Period and Training

Upon launch of the project, go-live, a grace period of thirty days begins. During this period, any bugs or technical glitches will be addressed as part of the project. The grace period does not include design or content modifications, or new feature or functionality features.

Clients should have the ability to fully manage their new website—and should have the confidence, resources and support to do so. Immediately after go-live, we’ll schedule a one-hour, remote training session and then provide a link to a video recording so that clients and designated staff can refer back to it or provide it to new staff in the future. We recommend that clients walk through the video training multiple times and practice using the site, especially on the demo version (staging environment) provided when hosting with us.

After the thirty-day grace period, the project will be archived in Teamwork. At that point, support—including general questions, issues, new feature requests, etc.— should be sent to our support ticketing system or phoned in.

Technology Needs TLC

Just like a car, web technology will need to be repaired and tuned-up— and you may have ideas for enhancements as time goes on. Technology is dynamic, not static. It changes all the time and requires ongoing maintenance, including, but not limited to, third-party plug-ins that break or conflict with others, become expired or are no longer supported by the original developer; CMS updates; code libraries, etc. We provide all of the technical assistance you’ll need to keep your site well fueled, running smoothly and providing a one-of-a-kind experience to users.

Web Hosting and WordPress CMS Management

Every client on WordPress CMS hosting with Liqui-Site also needs WordPress Management; This ensures that all of the sites for which we are responsible maintain 100% uptime —with the exception of regularly scheduled maintenance—and never require extensive repairs due to outdated WordPress and plug-in updates.

As mentioned, technology does break. WordPress core and non-core updates, as well as WordPress plug-in updates will occasionally require the assistance of an experienced web developer or server administrator and can sometimes take an extensive amount of time to fix. This is why we offer WordPress Management: to ensure that your WordPress CMS and plugins are always updated properly, and your site is always running optimally— and if extensive work is needed, you pay only the same flat fee each month for the peace of mind that everything is being handled with the utmost care.

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Kelly Campbell
President & CRO

Kelly founded Liqui-Site in 2003. She manages client relationships, corporate strategy and new business development—and fosters the collaborative and innovative culture at the agency.