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3 Digital Marketing Tactics that Actually Speak to Millennials

For all of the industries that millennials have allegedly killed, this demographic is certainly worth marketing to. There are more millennials in the workforce right now than any other generation, with an expected $1.4 trillion in disposable income by the year 2020.

But outdated marketing tactics that might have worked well a decade ago don’t speak quite as clearly to this generation. To appeal to millennials, your digital marketing strategy needs to adapt and evolve with the times. Here are three marketing strategies that matter to millennials.

Zoom in on mobile

Everyone knows that the most effective way to speak to millennials is through their smartphone. And the good news it, there are several ways to strike-up a conversation.

The traditional way is to buy advertising space on a popular mobile app, like Instagram. If this sounds like it may be over budget, why not look into releasing an app of your own? Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure platform provides the infrastructure on which you can build a mobile app that allows your business to cater to millennials in their preferred medium.

If you do nothing else, make sure your website looks good and loads quickly when opened on a mobile device. Consider embracing the accelerated mobile page (AMP) trend for a little extra pep.

Be social

Social media is a staple of millennial life. Platforms like Instagram offer traditional advertising opportunities, but also present new ones. Smart companies are creating profiles, sharing news, posting pictures, and interacting with millennials through their social media accounts, becoming more like a friend than a brand.

Don’t know where to start? A survey of approximately 18,000 millennials revealed some helpful hints. Social networking websites like Facebook and LinkedIn comprise the bulk of millennials’ content discovery. Brands that maintain a consistent voice and active presence across multiple channels go a long way in gaining millennials’ trust, which is quite valuable.

The survey also found that millennials are happy to share personal information with trusted brands in exchange for exclusive content and other specials (more on that later). The information you gain can shape future marketing initiatives to ensure your continued success.

Make it special

They may constitute the majority of the workforce, but many millennials are struggling to pay student loans and rising rent costs. Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” was a hit with this demographic for a reason—millennials love a good bargain. In fact, 55% of 18-34 year olds download coupons from coupon websites before a purchase. Only 21% of members of their parents’ generation do the same.

Share promotional codes on your website, conduct giveaways through social media, and take advantage of the myriad ways to show millennials that you’re interested in meeting their price point. They’re sure to appreciate it.

Millennials may be the butt of many jokes, but their influence on the market is serious. Mastering mobile marketing, sharing on social media, and doling out discounts can help you connect with this key demographic. Liqui-Site can offer advice at every step. Contact our team of digital marketing experts today.