6 Analytics Apps You Should Know About

There are several Google Analytics Apps available for download for IOS devices. For the most part, the Apps all offer the same basic Google Analytics data such as visitor reporting, traffic reporting and content reporting. All you need to get started with an Google Analytics App is a Google Analytics account and tracking set up on your website. What really sets the Apps apart from each other is the user experience and the amount of Google Analytics data available at your finger tips. Deciding on which App is for you is dependent on your needs as a Google Analytics user. For example, Analytics App , priced at $6.99, offers the most comprehensive set of data reporting and monitoring on IOS with support for multiple profiles and advanced features like Adword Campaigns, Paid Keywords, Goal Overview, E-commerce and Event Tracking Reports. While a webmaster or SEO specialist may find having all this data available in a mobile application useful, the “On the Go” user may find is to be too in-depth for their needs.

Analytics Tiles App


On the other end of the spectrum, Analytics Tiles App , at $2.99, offers a quick way to access all the most common analytics data like page views, percentage of new visitors, average time on site and top country. With other features such as sortable tiles and customizable color schemes, Analytics Tiles App sacrifices comprehensive data and reporting for simplicity and a unique user experience. Several other Apps in the marketplace also follow this trend such as: Fast Analytics (Free), Audience ($0.99), and Analytiks($0.99) which may be useful for bloggers and business owners who are not looking for extensive reporting. What these Apps do best is quick and easy website monitoring.


If you are looking for a Google Analytics App that also incorporates social media and blog reporting, Ego, priced at $1.99, provides a central location to check your web statistics from Ember, Feedburner, Squarespace, Tumblr, Twitter and Vimeo. This App seems to be a favorite for  users that are interested in monitoring their online reputation across several locations on the web.

Ego App
Ego App, because “You’re Important!”