New Website Offers DIY Apparel, Backed by 25 Years Experience Dives Into Competitive Online Market of Custom T-Shirts

(Nyack, NY) October 12, 2011 – Liqui-Site Designs Inc. announced today the launch of a new website for, for Pentland Graphics, Inc. could easily be described as the David among so many Goliaths in the online market space of design-it-yourself, or “DIY” apparel. That’s also the company’s strength. Celebrating twenty-five years in the business of screen printing and embroidery, Pentland Graphics, Inc. has the endurance, experience and flexibility to meet customer needs on a consistent basis, which has also garnered the company one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

“Life is busy, yet everyone loves the ability to customize – to make something uniquely theirs. It’s why the Starbucks model works, and it’s why I really love this new do-it-yourself technology. It’s not only easy to use and fun, it gives people a chance to express themselves. It’s why I started this business in the first place back in 1987. Between our passion for custom silk screening and our vast knowledge, I hope that our commitment to our customers shines through,” said Betty Smith, founder of Pentland Graphics, Inc. and

The new site offers very competitive pricing and free shipping on every order throughout the United States, and includes a complete catalog of customizable apparel, including all of the most popular brands, as well as the ability to save designs, send them to friends, design on multiple portions of apparel, such as the front, back, sleeves, pant legs, and hoods. Visit Pentland Graphics online at

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