Medical Device Provider Increases Reach with New Web Presence

Liqui-Site launches custom ecommerce website for Juvent

(Nyack, NY) February 25, 2015 – Liqui-Site Designs, Inc. announced today the re-launch of a website for Juvent – Regenerative Technologies Corporation.

While exploring ways to strengthen particular bone areas, Jack Ryaby, renowned medical device pioneer and expert in bone growth stimulation, discovered Juvent’s amazing technology – and was astonished to find that it demonstrated significant benefits throughout the entire body, through passive micro-impact exercise.

Today, Juvent is led by Rush Simonson, CEO and brother Peter Simonson, President. Juvent Micro-Impact Platforms™ are marketed to two divisions of customers – those looking to reduce joint and arthritis pain as well as improve circulation and balance (Juvent Health); and athletes and trainers looking for more energy, better recovery, less pain and overall improved performance (Juvent Sports).

Liqui-Site helped augment the brand’s online image with a custom responsive web design, ecommerce, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. A portal, or entry, was set up at, and visitors choose which of the divisions best suits their needs. Integrated social media and content sharing options, as well as and email list signup calls-to-action streamline outbound marketing efforts.

Recognizing that one of the challenges for prospective customers was the technical terminology and lack of clear messaging about the product’s benefits, new content was crafted by the Liqui-Site team across the site’s two divisions.

On an ongoing basis, Liqui-Site provides digital ad retargeting, custom landing pages, email marketing and website maintenance.

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