Liqui-Site Tapped to Join Carol Cone’s Purpose Collaborative

The nation’s first expert collective to address organizational purpose strategy & implementation

(Nyack, NY) November 19, 2015 – Liqui-Site announced today that it has been selected to join The Purpose Collaborative, a collective of the foremost purpose-oriented agencies and consultants created by one of the world’s purpose pioneers, Carol Cone.

“Purpose” – an organization’s aspirational reason for being, beyond profits – has in recent years evolved from its earlier roots (cause marketing, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, etc.) to become a galvanizing force for organizational and brand strategy to gain commercial success and societal impact. Research indicates that purpose-driven companies return almost 400% greater value than their peers; 84% of millennials rank purpose supreme in evaluating job satisfaction; and 92% of people want to do business with companies that share their values.

Carol Cone, founded and led the highly regarded Boston agency Cone Communications from 1980 through 2010, and most recently was the Global Chair, Business + Social Purpose at Edelman. She created The Purpose Collaborative as part of her new consultancy, Carol Cone ON PURPOSE, because she felt that a new and nimbler model was needed.

Liqui-Site joins The Purpose Collaborative as one of 21 agencies, boutiques, and experts experienced in and committed to purpose. Services include the discovery and definition of an organization/brand’s purpose, culture development, employee and customer engagement, sustainable product sourcing and innovation, social issue identification and partnerships, storytelling and marketing communications, multimedia and digital activation, and program effectiveness analytics.

Through integrated digital marketing, Liqui-Site’s mission is to deliver measurable results for cause-minded organizations. As an agency, Liqui-Site has always been dedicated to social good and has implemented multiple initiatives to contribute to the overall health and equity of the world.

“Being a part of The Purpose Collaborative, working with Carol Cone and other thought leaders in the CSR space enables us to catapult our mantra – Do good work. Work to do good. Our strength is in digital activation, so we’re excited to collaborate on the implementation and execution of campaigns that will demonstrate the importance of purpose nationally and globally,” said Kelly Campbell, President and CRO (Chief Responsibility Officer), Liqui-Site.

“The world has changed,” said Cone. “Attitudes have changed, the economy has changed, the climate has changed. Everything is now so interconnected and radically transparent that the power has shifted to the people, and they are demanding that businesses use their resources to help solve some of the big societal problems, not just their own operational ones. The depth of The Purpose Collaborative enables us to go further than traditional agencies to build purpose into the fabric and core business strategy of client organizations.

About Liqui-Site

Since 2003, Liqui-Site is a digital agency focused on creative and technical execution—dedicated to delivering measurable results to cause-minded clients. An experienced team, driven by  relationships, solutions and social good, Liqui-Site specializes in custom websites, ecommerce, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), digital ads and retargeting, as well as email marketing and automation. Visit or call (845) 353-7771.