Liqui-Site Launches New Website for Institute For Better Bone Health

Physicians’ group seeks to elevate bone health in U.S. through products with purpose

(Nyack, NY) April 26, 2012 – Liqui-Site Designs Inc. announced today the launch of a new website at for Institute for Better Bone Health (IBBH).

IBBH offers nutritional supplements for bone health, bone support and bone production, centered around research on silicon. Product systems include Silical™ System – which includes Silical 1 and 2, and are to be taken at least two hours apart for optimal nutrient absorption – and Silical™ PLUS, which is designed to support the body’s natural bone-building process following a fracture or surgery.

IBBH strives to elevate bone health among consumers and physicians by offering nutritional supplements to improve bone health, providing educational information, and advancing bone health research. Founded by Charles T. Price, M.D., George J. Haidukewych, M.D., Kenneth J. Koval, M.D., Joshua R. Langford, M.D., and Frank A. Liporace, M.D. – a team of renowned orthopedic surgeons and research doctors. IBBH is the first physicians’ group to market silicon-based bone supplements, which clinical research suggests are key for bone mineralization and strengthening.

Liqui-Site Designs was responsible for the design and development a user-friendly e-commerce website that enables consumers to purchase Silical™ bone health supplements in a simple and secure manner. Visitors to the site are able to easily find and learn more about the medical and lifestyle choices that improve bone health. Liqui-Site will be focusing next on the social media strategy and email marketing in an effort to build a strong community around the IBBH brand.

Pam McWilliams, Chief Operating Officer for Institute For Better Bone Health, said “We are excited to offer doctor-driven, research-focused solutions for the millions of people who are concerned with the state of their bone health. IBBH will be a one-stop solution providing nutritional supplements and education to both consumers and the physicians who look after them.”

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