Brite Group’s New Website Sets Sail, Offers Green Product Line

Specialty, high-performance boat and yacht cleaning products hit niche market

(Nyack, NY) April 20, 2012 – Liqui-Site Designs Inc. announced today the launch of a new website at for Brite Group, LLC – the company behind Captain John’s Boat Brite, a line of specialty boat and yacht cleaning products, including boat cleaners, boat wax and polish, boat stain removers, and paint and varnish strippers.

Founded in 2001 by John Coleman, or “Captain John”, the two lines of products, Boat Brite and Yacht Shine, target a niche group of professional and hobbyist boaters, sailors, fisherman, yacht owners and more within the United Sates and internationally. All products are eco-friendly and meet the EPA’s National Clean Marina Guidelines.

Liqui-Site Designs designed and developed a user-friendly e-commerce website – built on the enterprise-level Ecommerce Creator™ platform – that enables boaters to browse and purchase products securely and with ease. In addition to shopping, visitors can find resources on boat maintenance practices, product application tips, and links to boating agencies and dealers. Liqui-Site also developed a “boating community” aspect to the site’s online presence, including integration with social media / networks, blog and events calendar.

Captain John, President of Brite Group, LLC, said, “We use contemporary chemistry to deliver cleaning and surface protection solutions for our fellow boaters; our formulations are truly ingenious”, and with a smile he added, “they are also health and planet-safe.” Captain John also noted, “We are very approachable as a company, and routinely speak with customers who call asking for advice. We’re really excited about our new website, as there are several unique features that allow us to truly reach out, show and tell how to keep your boat looking its absolute best”. Captain John’s first mate and wife, Jeannie, said “Cap is really psyched about the social capabilities of the new site, especially the blog and YouTube video gallery.”

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