Killing Season Chicago

Killing Season Chicago is a data driven installation comprised of photographs from the 172 homicide sites in the City of Chicago between Memorial Day and Labor Day in the summer of 2010.

Custom website design

Working with Chicago-based artist Krista Wortendyke, Liqui-Site helped present Killing Season Chicago in a dynamic medium. “The work asks the viewer to come to their own conclusions and has proven to engage the public in thoughtful conversations about violence in Chicago and in our culture as a whole.” It also explores the relationship between climate and violence.

The challenge was to take a large-scale art installation and produce a meaningful representation of the work that is as impactful online as it is in-person. Liqui-Site designed and executed a continuous horizontal scroll to mimic the act of walking along the installation, as one would encounter it in a museum or on a city street. Then, we created an interactive homocide map to plot and present violence from a completely different viewpoint. The blog that was launched at the same time as Killing Season Chicago in 2011 was included to show each crime scene full size, as well as the comments over time.

Creative & Technical Execution Services