Web Templates vs. Custom Website Design

Some brief words on web design templates and why “you get what you pay for”…

Many website owners opt to use templates. A web template is a pre-designed web page, or set of pages, that lacks branding, copy, photos, etc. Web templates vary widely and many are free online.

The appeal of free web templates and even purchased themes is obvious – it costs less money up-front than hiring a professional web designer or full-service firm, there are a lot of options to choose from, and it promises ease.

While templates many be acceptable for the occasional blogger or sole proprietor, if you own a business, run a non-profit organization or sell online (e-commerce), your company’s website needs to be customized. Period.

An engaging website needs two things at minimum: great visual design and relevant content. Content is obviously the one thing that will bring both new and returning visitors to your site. But the design and user experience is what make it memorable and engaging. A customized user experience means visitors dig deeper into the site, explore and interact with content, stay on the page for longer, and have a greater chance of getting to that end goal – be it buying, becoming a member, contacting, or sharing with others. The value of creating online experiences that are unique to your company’s needs and brand is what makes your site stand out from the rest. A custom website design not only delivers visually but solves a unique business need. Simply put, it is not something that can be bought “off the shelf”.

So while templates may seem like a good idea initially, in the long run, starting off with a theme can take your company and its target audience down the wrong path. In short, a purchased theme or template can only take you so far. The concept, content and design behind a website – and the online marketing strategy that is implemented after your site goes live – will be what pushes it to bring better online experience and value to your customers.

Web Template

Sample template for a “Bakery”- one of hundreds  available online.  Note the lack of personalization, animated content, social media integration and more.

Custom Web Design

Contrast with customized site, which puts a face to the product with actual photography (not stock photos), tells a story, engages with video and social content, and encourages visitors to subscribe and connect.

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