Viral Messaging Spreads Like Wildfire

So a few of us were talking about what could potentially become the next “big idea” in coordinated print and web-based promotions when the phone rang. It was a client of ours who actually does a lot of direct mail advertising. We got to talking about the ROI of their last campaign, and then the brainstorm hit…

How to multiply the measurable results of print, packaging and display. It’s what we call Viral Media. Let’s say you do great work in direct mail, print ads, product packaging or point-of-purchase displays. You’re looking to reach the next level and blow the doors off your ROI – but something’s missing. It’s time to sync print with Smartphone and web technology. Here’s how it works:

Your packaging, print, display or direct mailer entices the consumer or prospect to whip out their Smartphone to scan a special image-based code we create for you. That code provides a valuable offer, immediate discount at checkout, important product information, website address for other products or services, (or any number of additional benefits and features) in real-time! For customers without Smartphones, there’s an integrated website or landing page, specially designed to match the print or in-store offer.

generate QR code

And now… from their SmartPhones, customers begin to spread your message to friends via cell or email, as well as through their online social networking / bookmarking communities, Google Buzz, StumbleUpon and more. This produces a viral effect that begins to spread – like wildfire. Now the promotional reach is expanding, becoming extremely infectious, driving sensational “buzz”, greater awareness and sales – creating a powerful community around the brand! Take a breath here, we’re not done.

Now, multiply all these effects by the number of impressions in your campaign (display locations, direct mailers, ads, even product packages), and you’re talking about some very contagious viral marketing… and as you arrive at the scene, there are millions of bodies – only this time, they’re standing in line at checkout.