The Post-PC Era – Not What You Thought!

Whether or not you believe we’ve entered a post-PC era – a time in which tablet and mobile devices are favored over personal computers – you can’t ignore the numbers or the overall shift in how we interact with our devices.

While desktops and laptops are used by consumers, prosumers and professionals alike, they have been and are primarily used as utility, productivity and creativity tools. Tablets and smart phones, on the other hand, are more personal (pretty ironic, since we’re comparing to “personal computers”), more intimate, more fun & engaging (could also be known as addictive in some cases), and most importantly – more mobile.

The biggest impact driving the post- PC era is the mobilization of the OS [operating system] – not about the hardware. Why is that important for business? Well, if an emotional connection with your brand, product / service and messaging solidify a purchasing decision, by now you must realize that user experience influences that emotional connection online. And with more existing customers and prospects viewing your organization’s website on a tablet or smart phone, their expectations are high.

If your website is not optimized for their mobile device (achieved through responsive web design or a mobile site), frustration will likely push them off your site and into the welcoming arms of your competitor.So, in the post-PC era, it’s all about on-the-go connectivity, real-time interaction, and flawless user experience. It’s about consumer options – the option to connect with your business in any way they so choose, on any device they prefer, and at any time that’s convenient for them.Be there. At all touch points. Make sure that you provide a consistent, engaging and pleasant experience no matter the device, and you’ll thrive in the post-PC era.