Spring cleaning

Four Reasons Your Nonprofit Site is Due for a Spring Cleaning

Ah, spring—the perfect season for tidying up!

If you run a nonprofit, you can scrub the floors, vacuum the carpet, but still miss the most important spot: the cobwebs on your organization’s website.

If your site is slow to load, hard to find, or generally outdated, you’re missing a golden opportunity to shed light on your cause. Here are four reasons why spring is the perfect time to dust that spotlight.

  1. Attract More Visitors

Spring is a season of rebirth and renewal. Taking the time to assess your organization’s value and adjust your website to reflect it is a great way to further your cause and meet your objectives.

At Liqui-Site, we believe that charity begins at the home(page). From lightning fast load time to logical layout and compelling copy, we revamp all elements of your site to convey quality. A well-designed website tells visitors that they are putting their money, time, and trust into a credible and capable organization.

  1. Bridge the Digital Divide

You need a website that boasts a responsive design and respectable look when viewed from a mobile device. The benefits of optimizing your site for mobile access transcend the aesthetic. A mobile compatible site may just help you reach the demographic that needs your services the most.

Don’t just take it from us. Allan Baez, Project Manager for Mobile4All (an initiative that grants the impoverished access to lifesaving mobile technology) explains that devises like smartphones are “incomparable tools for connecting people who are isolated, and empowering extreme low-income individuals to access life-changing services.” Your service may save a life—and making it easy for people to visit your site on a mobile device helps makes that possible.

  1. Raise Awareness

Your website’s mission is to raise awareness for your cause—a difficult feat from page 5 of search engine results.

Liqui-Site has helped numerous nonprofits (such as the American Lung Association) rise through the search result ranks to court invaluable media attention. Your quick-to-load, cross-device compatible site is sure to shoot straight to the top of search engine results—and onto the radar of the press.

  1. Stoke Supporters’ Interest

Though your nonprofit deserves volunteers, charitable donations, and attention year-round, the truth is that the spirit of giving wanes after the holidays. A spring website refresh is a great way to bring your cause back to the forefront of peoples’ minds.

The unveiling of a new and improved site is a publicist’s dream—the kind of event you’ll want to discuss in a press release, an interview, and/or an email blast to past donors and volunteers.

Before you can care for others, it is critical that you care for yourself. The marketing experts at Liqui-Site are here to help you help your cause.

We can’t wait to build a website that looks as good as your nonprofit’s intentions are. Contact us, and spring into spring cleaning today.