Customer Experience

A Visit to Remember: Optimizing Customer Experience on Your Website

Nowadays it’s not enough to just “be online”. Every day, across dozens of platforms, consumers are bombarded with such an overwhelming array of goods and services that it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. While every detail of your company’s web presence is important, no aspect is more scrutinized than your website, the heart of your digital presence.

In an age where first impressions can be last impressions in the blink of an eye, here are the main elements to consider when trying to optimize customer experience on your site—and wow your target audience.

Put your personality on display

To truly separate yourself from the pack, customers have to understand what makes your brand special. Is your company sleek and sexy? Fun and bubbly? The colors you use, the fonts you choose, and the language you use to describe yourself will go a long way toward grabbing the attention of the specific customers who are most likely to love what you do—and help share it with the world.

Making sure your site accurately expresses the unique spirit of your brand is a great place to start when looking for areas of improvement. Let your personality shine through, and customers will respond with enthusiasm.

Keep it simple

In an effort to stand out, it can be easy to get carried away. Regardless of what exciting design features you choose, functionality trumps all when it comes to user experience. If your customers can’t find what they want with ease, they’ll look elsewhere in a hurry.

Keep your site clean, uncomplicated, and easy to navigate by laying out elements logically and intuitively. Doing so will ensure visitors find what they came for and keep coming back for more.

The need for speed

In a world where increasing connectivity means almost instant access to movies, food, news, and information, patience is no longer a virtue. If you expect visitors to wait around while your pages load, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

According to this research by Google, 53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn’t load within three seconds. Testing your website’s speed can help you get a sense of whether or not there’s room for improvement.

Multi-device compatibility

In 2016, internet usage by mobile and tablet devices exceeded desktop use worldwide for the very first time. In 2018 mobile users are even more compared to desktop users.

Even if your site can be viewed on mobile devices, that doesn’t mean it’s user-friendly. Your customers won’t waste time squinting and pinching to find what they came to see. Factoring in all the different ways your site will be viewed can help you show off your best qualities, even when your visitors are on the move.

Delivering a premium customer experience comes down to a whole lot of elements, and it can be tough to keep them all singing in tune. We can help. The innovative web development experts at Liqui-Site can help you optimize your site for success and give your customers the VIP experience they deserve. Contact us today, and let’s get to work.