Custom Web design

Three Ways Custom Website Design Can Make You Money

Nights. Weekends. Holidays. Even when your business is closed, your website is working overtime to attract new customers.

Whether you’re launching your first site or looking to re-brand an existing one, it’s important to find a website development option that fits your needs as well as your budget. There is a variety of web design software to consider, but what if we told you that your most cost-effective option is custom web development?

That’s right—Liqui-Site’s custom website design services will convey the right message to the right audience for the right price. Presenting three ways custom website design can help make you money:

  1. Tailor to Your Target Market

Mainstream web design software builds templates to accommodate all business types and appeal to all potential visitors—not the best option for a company looking to communicate its unique value to a target market. Indeed, it is near impossible to build a one-of-a-kind website with one-size-fits-all software. A custom Liqui-Site website directs your message at your target demographic and directs your target demographic to convert.

It starts with research. During the concept phase, we learn everything we can about your website’s target audience and design all elements accordingly. Custom information architecture presents your company’s exceptional value in a way that resonates with visitors. An intuitive user journey guides them from data to decision with a grace that cookie cutter web design software can’t match.

  1. Increase Traffic with SEO

Users will have an unparalleled experience on your Liqui-Site-designed site, but first, they have to find it. Our team works to ensure that your website is easy to find and quick to respond.

Search engines prioritize mobile accessible websites. Users who access your site by smartphone should enjoy the same high quality aesthetic and response time as those who visit via desktop. Liqui-Site specializes in crafting web pages that look and feel at home on virtually any device.

Page load speed is another factor that affects your site’s ranking as well as its bounce rate. An early adopter of accelerated mobile page (AMP) technology. AMP reduces load times to optimize user experience and accelerate your site’s ascent to the top of the search results page. Liqui-Site adopts marketing’s latest tools and best practices to improve your return on investment.

  1. Stay Secure and Supported           

Your site is up, running and conversion rate optimized. Now to keep it that way!

In addition to design and refinement services, Liqui-Site now offers full website support and security through eMazzanti Technologies. We’ll host your site, run tests and perform regular backups to protect your investment from viruses and other threats. Entrusting our experts with website support saves you the expense of hiring web maintenance staff and greatly reduces the likelihood of losing time and money to a digital disaster.

Your website is your hardest working company representative. Set it up for prolonged success while saving money. Liqui-Site an eMazzanti Company, specializes in designing custom, user-friendly sites that both drive qualified customers and increase sales. We integrate everything your business calls for into one easy to use platform.  Contact us today.