Collective Social Responsibility

A Message from Liqui-Site President & CRO

When I read WE FIRST, How Brands & Consumers Use Social Media to Build a Better World, by Simon Mainwaring – it changed my life. Literally. It moved me to change my professional title, the way I run our agency, my personal purchasing decisions and how I perceive the world. Everything.

It was out of this awakening that Collective Social Responsibility was born and instantly became so important to me. As opposed to the traditional CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – I felt that true responsibility went far beyond what corporations do. And yes, it’s obvious that social media is a big part of this transformative movement, but it’s a vehicle, a tool. Purchasing power is in the hands of consumers, and that’s what can bring about worldwide positive change.

So, I decided to take an important step at Liqui-Site to further our commitment to greater global prosperity. As of May 2013, when we celebrated 10 years in business, we donate 2% of every new project to the charity of our clients’ choosing. This is not a month-long or even year-long “PR promotion”; it’s an ongoing and transparent promise that enables our clients to walk alongside us and decide where the giving goes.

For some corporations, a one-time tax write-off at the end of the fiscal year, always determined by profitability, might be enough. But let’s be honest – that’s an old way of thinking. We need new thought and action leadership. Collective Social Responsibility is an ongoing commitment to invest in (and understand the impact that investing has on) our future.

Imagine the possibilities if every single transaction – online, retail, service-based; small businesses and international corporations alike – contributed to the health and equity of our world. Imagine the possibilities of complete sustainability on every level. Now, let’s #WorkToDoGood.

Kelly L. Campbell
President & Chief Responsibility Officer


*As part of Liqui-Site’s Collective Social Responsibility initiative, clients that engage Liqui-Site  in a new project may choose any 501(c)(3) charitable organization as the recipient of the 2% donation – with the exception of religious organizations; groups that are deemed discriminatory; hate groups; and groups that have a record of criminal activity. Not-for-profit clients may not choose their own organization as the recipient of a donation.